Promoting Rural Ankara With Innovation Project

Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (CTRIA)

CTRIA is a regional-level agency, member of a nationwide network established by the decision of the government with the involvement of 6 public and semi-public partners of the region.

Short description

It receives an annual national funding of appr. 0.5 million euro to deal with innovation planning, project development, enhance of innovation services, marketing and network management. Its core focus is to establish and maintain a network of services via the establishment and operation a strong cooperation network with other service providers, universities and the business sector, as well as public community through national and international partnerships.
It has a full staff of 4 experienced employees and 5 permanent external experts who have been involved in a wide range of regional, national and international projects, and a network of cooperating institutions and experts who can provide the special knowledge necessary to design and implement special tasks. This strong regional, national and international partnership and the portfolio of expertise enables the CTRIA to target different levels of regional community and business sector. CTRIA manages several projects concerning innovation practices, innovation management, knowledge transfer, service development and innovation trainings, that involve national and international knowledge and innovation agents.