Promoting Rural Ankara With Innovation Project

Promoting Rural Ankara With Innovation Project

Main objective of the project, proposed in partnership of the Ankara Development Agency as the applicant and the Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency as co-applicant, is to build local capacity on innovation policies among local policy makers, disseminate innovation culture, and increase the value added in the important sectors of rural areas.

Goal of the Project

Core objective of the project is to increase the local policy makers and the stakeholders of the rural districts of the Ankara on innovation policies and awareness. To reach this end, capacity building activities will be organized in for 12 months with a total budget of 171.886,95 €.

Main activities

  • Activity 1: Awareness raising trainings on innovation for target groups such as public institutions, NGOs, educational institutions, rural firms etc.
  • Activity 2: Sector based innovation policy making trainings and workshops for local policy makers
  • Activity 3: Sector specific applied innovation trainings for practitioners
  • Activity 4: Technical Study Visit
  • Activity 5: Preparation of innovation action plan for rural Ankara
  • Activity 6: Dissemination and Publicity Activities 

Estimated Results

What will change in the lives of the people with project activities?

Ankara, distinctively, is home to many high-tech manufacturing facilities and a strong pool of human capital. With the means of this project it is aimed to bridge the technical and innovative capacity of the central Ankara with the less developed rural parts in order to abandon the conventional manufacturing methods and shift to more innovative ones which will eventually help to diminish the intra-regional disparities and create welfare in the periphery.